Sometimes you just need help on a research project. We're here to help you find the information that you need. From Papers to Manuscripts or Family Connections. Supply a detailed explination of the kind of information that is needed for a quote on hourly rate. Research is a time consuming task so we are unable to give you a flat estimate.

Research - Papers, Manuscripts, etc.

  • Email requirements for hourly quote
  • Reimbursement of travel if needed
  • Email me about any questions you may have.

    Document Transcription (Copy Typing)

    Many families have old diaries, letters and manuscripts telling of their family history. Museums and Historical Societies have many hand written documents that cannot be read or handled because of age. Reading is sometimes difficult due to the handwriting, deterioration of the document, etc. But the legacy and history in these documents are still important to families and researchers today. A transcription to save along with the original source would be of great help in deciphering the document years later. Weather for your own family use or the use of a Historical Society, Museum or researcher, we can help decipher and transcribe written documents and provide you with a type manuscript and digital copy for your family or organization.
  • $1.00 pg. single documents
  • $1.25 pg. hard to decipher documents
  • $2.50 per 1000 words; diary's; manuscripts;
  • Digital copy and printed document in Word or PDF will be supplied